Saturday, 5 October 2013

Projector Hunt.

This morning I awoke at 7:15am. I did not have my alarm set. I stayed in bed until 8am hoping to fall back to sleep, but this was all in vain. Congratulations, body clock: you have destroyed my ability to sleep in. This did mean I had the entire day ahead of me. More time for activities.

Due to last week's epiphany, I had decided to do something this weekend. Something worth writing about. I did, however, opt for a quiet night in last night. That is how I celebrate my most successful week in the office yet. I had planned to watch a film, but as the night drew on, I became more and more distracted with my research into a projector. My big plans for today were to pick up a projector and set up a film night.

As such, this morning I donned my hoodie, coat and hat, and left the house before 10am. My destination was an electronics shop all the way across town. It was a delightful walk. The weather is great. Unfortunately, upon arriving at the unpronouncable electronics shop, it did not take long to discover that they do not stock projectors. I browsed for a while to pretend I hadn't just failed my mission, then left. On my way back I walked through an estate that I could only describe as: communist.

Row after row of large, dull blocks. It is probably the most communist thing I have seen.

After this I went to Euronics at Afi Palace. There was even less selection there. Resigned to my fate I did my week's shop, and went home. In other news, I now have a 30 day free trial of Amazong Prime. This ensures my projector will be home, ready to bring out to Pardubice next weekend. I cannot wait.

My journey took me over the main river: somewhere i have not actually been properly yet. It seems to be where the communist remnants lie. But there is also some sort of large park. This might be worth checking out next summer.

This is me looking back to the more western part of town.

Boat  tours? Okay then.

This is the ice hockey arena. Pardubice's team is like the Manchester United of the Czech ice hockey scene. Not to brag or anything...

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