Friday, 30 August 2013

Interesting Week

This week was an interesting one. I returned to the UK for the bank holiday weekend. It was a great laugh, although the travel was pretty rough. I arrived back in Pardubice at about 0:30 Tuesday morning, and was in bed by 1:00. I arrived at work not overly tired, but definitely not in the best state. The irony is that Tuesday was the day I got the most visible results. The following three days have been pretty difficult. I don't really know, I just seem to have some things to be working on for which I perhaps don't have the most effective tools yet because I haven't been trained in everything. That being said, I gave it my best shot. There were likely things I could have done better, things I will definitely find out about for next week in an attempt to have a more successful time of it. I am hear to learn, and learn I shall.

One other interesting element was that this week I miscalculated the timings of certain things and ended up having to do something I had never planned on doing. Sad times. But as a silver lining to that cloud, I would never have seen this sign had I not miscalculated.

Having previously been in a situation where a fair few of the rules were directly related to things people had done, this sign leaves me with all kinds of questions. Questions probably better left unanswered.

I have a busy weekend ahead: busy with studying. I had hoped to travel to Kutna Hora and see the famous bone church tomorrow, but it looks like I will be hitting the books (internet) instead. Then, come Tuesday I will be free as a bird, and the following weekend will be the most touristy I have had yet...apart from when I went to Prague that one time...

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